Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Are You Keeping In Front

What are you keeping in front of you, in front of your eyes, your mind, your hearing? If something came against you today, would you have the word of God in the foremost front part of your mind, so that you would be able to rebuke it as soon as it tried to come against you? In other words, if someone told you today that you had some fatal disease and that there was no cure would you say "Oh my God" What am I going to do?" and then break down? or would you say, Praise God, that He says the devil is a liar, and I am not sick, according to My God, His Son has already bore that sickness for me on the cross. HALLELUJAH, and I rebuke that sickness off my body and away from me in the name of Jesus!

That is just one example. What we keep in front of us, is what will come out when we are faced with trials. It is like in your job, you do the same thing day in and day out, so if a problem comes up, you know just how to address it to keep things running smoothly. Or like you are driving down the street in your car and someone pulls out in front of you causing you to slam on your brakes, and all your groceries go flying into the floorboard. What is your first reaction? This reaction will tell you what is in your heart. If you are around gripey, grumpy, negative people all day, then you will most likely be gripey, grumpy and negative. However if you are around positive influence all day then you will most likely have a more positive attitude.

My point is, this is a good reason you need to be in the word of God daily, and you need to be in church being taught on a regular basis. One lesson I learned from my pastor and the way he conducts the services at home, is that we always had the word before us. We always had our bibles with us in church and we were always turning to scriptures with him. This taught us not only where to find the scriptures, but helped us to keep the word in front of us, and to keep it alive in our lives. We are going to a new church now, and it is a good church, the pastor is different though in the method he uses to teach the word. He uses more drama. He has the word on the screens for you to read along. I am not saying this is a wrong way of teaching, but for me personally, I believe that you bringing your bible to church and opening it up and searching out the word yourself, is a good habit for you to take home with you after church is over. If you never bring your bible to church, and you just read along on a screen, how do you know that what you are reading is right, and how often then do you open your bible when you are at home. There are a lot of people who only come to church on Sunday mornings, and that is the only time they hear the word of God being spoken. They don't read or may not even have their own bibles at home. Some may just bring them on Sunday mornings, and that is the only time it gets aired out by opening it to follow along.

God showed me again yesterday how important it is to keep the word in front of you, and foremost on your mind. I don't know why He is revealing this to me again, but I am sure I will find out. Maybe someone out there needs to be reading the word more. Yesterday, a young customer of ours came in and he was telling me how he has so much trouble sleeping at night, and how he is constantly worrying about things that may be coming up a week away, how he never has peace. My heart broke for him, and then I knew why God was showing me this about keeping the word in front of you. I asked him what he did before he went to bed, how often does he get into the word of God. I shared with him how God helped me with sleep by taking a fast from TV, and keeping His word in front of me all day long. By keeping a song in my heart, when I can't actually sit and read His word. A song of praise to Him. In keeping His word in front of me, I could re-call His promises to me, the promise of power, peace and a sound mind. I shared with him, how I started reading the word every night before bed, instead of watching TV, and spending time with just talking to the LORD, and how a peace would come over me, and I would be able to sleep. I pray my words were sown onto fertile ground. Then, I knew why God showed me again earlier that day, about keeping the word in front of you. AMEN!

PS 119 v 15.....I will meditate on Your precepts, and contemplate Your ways. I will delight myself in Your statutes; I will not forget Your word.......

Don't miss out on your chance to share the word, because you have not kept it in front of you, so that you can not re-call what it says. What will you re-call when faced with a situation? What the world tells you, or what God is telling you?


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