Thursday, October 23, 2008

Read It Believe It Live It

Why do we have the word of God? Because God knew that we could not live our lives to the fullest without instructions from Him who created us. The bible, the word of God is an instruction manual on how we are to live our lives. The word of God covers everything from how to invest your money, to how to eat healthy, to how to take care of your body, and most importantly how to take care of your soul.

God says man shall fulfill the days of his life. He does not say that our life should be cut short. He wants you to fulfill your days, and fulfill them in good health. In the old testament there is a lot said about how we should eat. Things that we should not eat. Don't you think there was a reason why God tells you not to eat these things. If you think about how they ate in those days, they didn't eat alot of meat everyday. And if you think about the setting of where they were, they probably ate alot of fruit, grains, and vegetables. They all had goats, so they probably had alot of milk, cheese and bread. The word talks about olive trees, fig trees, fish. Think about the types of food the word talks about, and then think about what you are eating. I personally believe there is alot to be said about this type of diet. I watched my son and daughter in law make a drastic change in their weight and their health simply by changing their life style of eating habits, and reading the book, 'What would Jesus eat? ' They have a cook book also entitled What would Jesus eat Cookbook. It takes discipline, just like anything else in life that is good for you. I think alot of us would be in better health if we would follow this example. That is just one of the ways the Bible instructs us in our everyday lives.

Another is that we are to have peace. God does not want us to have stress in our lives. He says we are to have peace, and a sound mind. If you are working in a place everyday that is causing you stress to the point that it is affecting your health, then you are probably in the wrong job. Stress causes so many illnesses. Look around you see what you can change to make your life less stressful. Sometimes it might be something as simple as getting up a little earlier so that you are not rushing around trying to get ready for work and not having to fight early morning traffic. In the evenings coming home, listen to something uplifting, and positive on your cd or radio, try a Christian channel, or put some learning tapes in teaching God's word. Don't feed your stress with negative things.

Then God even tells you how to invest your money. He tells you what you are suppose to do with the first fruits of your increases. He not only tells you, He promises you that your storehouses will be overflowing, your vats will overflow with new wine. He says the windows of heaven can not contain all that He will bless you with if you do what He says. WOW! He could not have made it any simpler. You don't have to worry about trying to figure out how to read the stock market pages, because God puts it so simple, give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together, running over. HALLELUJAH! The economy should not be worrying children of God. There should be no fear for children of God who are doing what He says to do with their increases. AMEN!

And then most importantly He tells you how to take care of your soul. He tells you what you need to do, to have eternal life with Him, when you are finished on this earth. He tells you the only way to Him is through His Son. How easy can He make it for you?

an insert from Charles Capps book 'God's Creative Power'.......For poverty He has given me wealth; for sickness He has given me health; for death He has given me eternal life. (2 Cor. 8:9,; Isa. 53:5,6; John 10:10; John 5:24) This is another book everyone should have and read everyday, carry it with you, keep it in your pocket. It is a powerful weapon that Satan does not want you to have.

You can have it all. Good Healthy, Peaceful, Stress Free, Long life, and then live in Royalty with Him once it is all done here on earth. What do you say? Get the word out, Read it, Believe it, and Live it.


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