Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Watch Our Tongues

Pull your tongue out and look at it. It is not a very interesting piece of the human body, yet it is the most dangerous piece of the human anatomy. Even the smallest, most petite woman could do irreversible danger with her tongue. That is what we need to think about when we go around complaining about this or that. We never know who is listening.

Yesterday, a customer came in and was griping and complaining about how much money he had already given to his church to build this multi-million dollar facility and then he even goes on to say the preacher can't even preach.

God showed me several things that happened through this one statement from this man.

1.) He gave his money to the wrong person. Instead of releasing his money to God, he released it unto man in his heart.
2.) He made the comment about the man not preaching, but does he not realize that a preacher gets his message from God, so you might as well say, God can't preach.
3.) He was doing the work of Satan, by complaining about God's house to another, and everyone within ear shot of him, was being influenced by his idle words.
4.) Satan was working through this man to destroy seeds that I had been planting earlier at work.

The main problem here was I had just had a conversation earlier with one of the people I work with about going to church, and why we go to church, to Worship the Lord, not to see how many hypocrites we find there. That was her excuse, just like so many others, the church is full of hypocrites, she said. My answer, so is the world outside of church. So what? Do you not go out your door everyday, because there are more hypocrites in the world than there are in church. Are you just going to stay holed up in your house all the time so that you won't run across a hypocrite? I mean really, chances are strong that as soon as you walk out your door, you will run across a hypocrite. That is the oldest and most used excuse for not going to church. So what does that make you when you use that excuse? When you get to heaven and Jesus says why did you not come and worship me in my house? And you tell Him that His house was full of hypocrites, He will reply, who says so?

If people would just remember the price God our Father paid for each one of us, then I think running across a hypocrite at church while going to worship Him and give Him praise and thanksgiving, is a small price to pay. The price of His Son's blood, His Son's life dying a brutal death on a cross was the price He paid for you. Is your chip on your shoulder about someone not living up to your standards worth the price God paid? I don't think so.

Try this, when you go to church.

1.) Give God all of your attention while you are there.
2.) Release all of your energy into praising Him
3.) Listen to what God is saying to you through the pastor's message
4.) Soak in the presence of the Lord, instead of the presence of those around you
5.) Give from your heart not your conscience

I promise you will have a much more pleasant experience and you will not even realize that there are any hypocrites in church with you, if you will focus on the Lord and not man.

I know some are saying, well I do not have to go to church to worship the Lord, yeh, well, I will get to that excuse in another tid-bit. If you have to go to church then something is wrong with your thinking to start with. You should be delighted to go to church, excited to worship with other believers, excited to know that the presence of the Lord will be there with you.

Remember, our words are like poison when we complain. If you want to complain, go to the throne with your complaints, take your concerns to the Lord. Let Him help you, let Him show you His plans.

Matt. 12 v 36.....But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken......

Matt. 12 v 34b.....for out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.....

Jesus tells us, that we speak what is in our hearts. Think about your words and what they will bring to the listener before you speak them. We need to daily cleanse our hearts with the word of God.


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