Friday, August 15, 2008


When we work together more is accomplished. Jesus said go and share the good news. What is the good news, the gospel? It is simply the love of Jesus and what He did for you. When someone shares with you the good news, and you accept the Lord, then it is your responsibility to go and share the good news with another. I heard somewhere once that every person has a circle of 250 people that they are associated with. You may say, but I don't know anyone, yes you do. You know your family members, who introduce you to people in their outside realm, who you meet others through, your children's friends at school, you meet their parents, who lead you to others, your childs sports activities, which lead to other places. For every person you know, there is going to be a link to another person. So you see, you really do know a lot of people. So we none, of us have that excuse for not sharing the gospel. Together, we will reach so many more, and that is what we were commissioned to do.

Mark 16 v 15...He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation"....

The problem we face today, is that we argue religion, and cause strife between each other, that no one wants any part of what we are offering. We work against each other, instead of working together. Jesus did not tell us to go out and share our doctrines with each other, no, He said go out and share His gospel, the good news to all creation. He didn't say, just go preach to the baptists, or the catholics, or the pentecosts. He said to ALL creation. This includes believers and non-believers. The word was not written for believers only. The word was written for everyone. God loves each and everyone of His creation, (and we are His creation), that He does not want anyone left behind when His Son comes again to bring us all home. AMEN! If you have a friend out there who you know is not a believer, then stop and think, If Jesus came tomorrow, where would your friend be? I want all of my family and friends with me. Call me selfish, I don't care. I will not give up on any one of my friends. I will share the good news.

Some of us may share the word, and then someone else will come behind us and lead that person to salvation. When we share the word, we are sowing seeds. Some of us may not even have to open our mouths, we just behave as God would have you behave. In other words you act like God is right beside you all the time. You share the love of Jesus just by being good, compassionate, and generous toward others. Before you share the word, pray that the Lord will let your seeds fall on fertile soil. AMEN!

One way, we have of sharing the word, is by forwarding the tid-bits to all of your friends, even non-believers. Sometimes we do not know what to say or how to say it, we feel uncomfortable witnessing to some people. Don't you find it strange that we can share gossip and the best sales we found or talk about a movie we just watched and be so passionate about it, but we have a hard time sharing the gospel of our Lord and Savior with others, especially with our friends. The next time you start talking with your friend or co-worker about that reality TV show you just watched last night and who was voted off and sent home, stop and think, have I shared with this person the good news of Jesus Christ and what He has done for me lately. That is why I believe God gave me the ministry of the tid-bits so that I could share His word in a way that others might understand it. My hope is that their curiosity will be peaked and they will get their Bibles out and read it for themselves, and let the Holy Spirit reveal to them what the Lord is saying through His word. AMEN!

And that is how we work together.

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