Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Prophet Isaiah

This morning as I got up and came down for my morning tea with the LORD, Rob was reading a book my Aunt Barbara had given me. 'What The Bible Is All About'. She told me how good this book was, but I just never got really deep into it. Oh, I would pick it up now and again, but never really read it. Well, as it happens, Rob has been reading it, and this morning he shared something with me that was so interesting, I thought I would share with the group. Many of you may already know these facts, but I didn't, and I found them interesting.

He is reading about the book of Isaiah right now. This is what he shared with me. The book of Isaiah is a miniature bible. Isaiah has 66 chapters just like the bible has 66 books. The first 39 chapters is about the world and our sin, just like the first 39 chapters of the bible, called the old testament and the last 27 chapters is about the coming Mesiah, just like the last 27 books of the bible, called the new testament. In the middle of the last 27 chapters is chapter 53, this one tells of our Savior 'who took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows'. The author describes the last 27 chapters like a jewel case with the perfect jewel in the middle. (Jesus) She encourages us to read chapter 53, and to store this chapter in our hearts. Notice she didn't say store this verse, but this chapter. I found this very interesting, and I am excited about getting into the book of Isaiah this week, and finding that Jewel.

We are always talking about when we get to heaven after we see Jesus, we would like to see Abraham, Moses, and others. How interesting it would be to sit and talk with Isaiah. I love to sit and talk with elders about the way things were, and how they lived. I can't wait to sit and talk with Isaiah and hear all of the wonderful wisdom he has to share. You know if we were to have the elders come to our schools and talk with our young people while they are still inquisitive and interested in story telling, we would probably not lose our children to the things of this world. You know the Indians would sit around and listen to their elders tell stories of the past and of how to take care of the earth and their people. Then the white man came in, rushing around trying to find gold, and taking over their land. But they didn't only take over the land, they took the peace, the serenity, and replaced it with rushing around, hurrying here and there. Tearing this down, and building this up. There is nothing wrong with progress, unless you destroy something to get to this thing you call progress. I vote we all slow down, go, sit and talk with an elder today and see what wisdom you can come away with. But most importantly, let's all read the book of Isaiah this week. Ask God, to reveal to you what He gave this author to say to you personally. AMEN! Look for the Jewel in the middle and spend some time just reflecting on this Jewel.


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