Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Don't Settle For the Crumbs

Be Thankful in All Things.

God doesn't want us to just settle for what is thrown our way. But at the same time we are to be grateful and give thanks in all things. Now you may say, well, that sounds contradicting. Let me explain what I mean.

When someone does something for you and you don't particularly care for the way they did it, but they honestly felt like they were doing you a favor. You should not say, thanks, but that is not the way it is done. I like to fold my towels this way and then proceed to refold them like you want them folded. No, the correct response would be to simply say thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. And then when they leave you can go back and refold your towels. That is being grateful and giving thanks in all things, while at the same time settling for the way your towels were folded at the time. You see you can always go back and refold the towels, but at the time you are blessing the person who was trying to help you by showing your appreciation for their help.

I think about the times when my boys were little they would try to do something to help me. One particular case that stands out was when Brandon was about 2 or 3, he got up one morning before me and went into the refrigerator and emptied everything we had into a bowl to make breakfast. (Yes those of you who know him, knows how he loves to cook, HA!) He really thought he was doing something to help me. Instead of being grateful, I berated him, hollered at him and probably spanked him at the time because all I could think about was how that was all the food we had and now we had nothing. Now I can see when I look back how he really thought in his little mind he was doing something great for his mom. You know when we say things to people, we can never take the words back. How I wish now, I would have just let him fix the breakfast and told him how appreciative I was for having such a thoughtful son.

We need to talk to people like this is the last time we will talk to them. We need to show our appreciation and give thanks for everyone the Lord brings into our lives. I think this is why Jesus tells us to give thanks in all things. We all at some time in our lives have said things or done things to others that we regret, but Jesus has forgiven us and now we just have to forgive ourselves, and learn from our past mistakes, and instead of worrying and spending time refolding the towels, or replaying in our minds where we might have hurt someone with our words, we need to be showing and telling our loved ones how much they are appreciated. We have all heard it before, we can not unscramble eggs, so quit trying. Stop settling for the crumbs of life Satan is trying to throw you into, causing you to beat yourself up over something, and start living the life God has given you, being thankful and grateful in all His blessings He brings to you today. Tell Satan now, that he has no authority over you or your thoughts, and in the name of Jesus, he can no longer bring that hurtful thought to your remembrance again and he has to flee in the name of Jesus and leave you alone.

1 Thes. 5 v 18....Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you....

You see it is God's will for you to be thankful in all things. He loves you so much, He does not want you worrying about what happened yesterday. He wants you focusing on Him and the day and season you are in. He tells us not to worry about anything. Free yourself now from whatever past thing you are worrying over and give thanks that God is always with you and that He has blessings just waiting to pour out of heaven on to you.


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