Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Names Of God

Who is God?

Adonai meaning Lord
El Shaddai meaning God Almighty
Jehovah Jireh meaning The Lord will provide read Gen 22 v 14
Jehovah Tsidkenu meaning Lord our rigteousness read Jer 23 v 6
Jehovah Nissi
meaning the Lord is our Banner read Ex 17 v 15
Jehovah Shalom
meaning the Lord is our Peace read Judges 6 v 24
Jehovah Rohi meaning Jehovah my Shepherd read Ps 23 v 1
Jehovah M'Kaddesh meaning The Lord our Sanctifier read Lev 20 v 2-8
Jehovah Rophe meaning The Lord our Healer read Ex 15 v 26
Jehovah Shammah meaning The Lord is there read Ez 48 v 35
Jehovah Sabaoth meaning the Lord of Armies, read Is 44 v6
Elohim meaning God Almighty
Prince of Peace meaning The Lord is our peace
Immanuel meaning God with us
Messiah meaning Annointed One
The Alpha and Omega meaning the Beginning and the End
The Lamb of God meaning Takes away the sins of the World
Saviour meaning our Redeemer, our Rescuer, our Deliverer see
Son of God Born of the virgin Mary came to earth as man, to die for us and then to rise and become our Deliverer see Luke 1 v 35 and Luke 4 v 41
Ancient of Days meaning Our Happy Ever After, see Daniel 7 v 9-10, Daniel 7 v 14, Ps 18 v 9-10

Who do you know God as? Who is God to you? How much does that name mean to you?
What name do you call God by? Different days you may call Him by different names.

I read this somewhere and thought this was a good closing for this tid-bit:

God is The Shepherd Who Guides
The Lord Who Provides
The Voice Who Brings Peace in The Storm
The Physician Who Heals the Sick
The Banner Who Guides the Soldiers


Get out His word and read about all that He is and who you are in HIM. AMEN!


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