Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One At A Time

I was listening to David Jeremiah on the TV the other day and he was talking about when the shepherds came to see the baby Jesus. The holy family was in a stall, so the door was just big enough for them to enter one at a time. He said there is now a church built on the spot that the shepherds visited in Bethlehem called the Church of the Nativity, and just like then, the door is made so that only one may enter at a time.

Luke Chapter 2 v 4-7....Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judea, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house of lineage of David, to be registered with Mary, his betrothed wife, who was with child. So it was, that while they were there, the days were completed for her to be delivered. And she brought forth her firstborn Son, and wrapped Him in swaddling cloths, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.....

That is how we come to Christ. One at a time. We can't come with our best friend or with our parents, or our spouses. No we have to come to Him one at a time with our hearts open to receive Him for our self. He accepts us one at a time also. When we come to Him, He gives us one on one time with Him, and lets us pour out our hearts, and ask for His forgiveness, and He receives us into His arms.

If you have not come to Him yet, go now, through the door of your heart, and have your one on one time with Him. Have a real reason to celebrate Christmas this year. Rejoice in your LORD and Savior. AMEN.

(Sorry, I have missed writing, I left my power cord to my laptop in the Hotel while we were out of town.)

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