Thursday, December 11, 2008

Breaking Down IS. 55

After reading the tid-bits to Rob last night, I was sharing with him how God was showing me how to break parts of this scripture down.

When He says, come buy food and drink with no money, He is telling you, He is your bread and your water, you will not thirst or hunger when you seek Him.

When He says, why do you waste your money on what is not bread and your wages on what does not satisfy. He is saying do not be a spend thrift, and buy what you have no need of, or should not be indulging in. He is telling you here to have wisdom over your finances. Don't throw your wages away on foolish things. And most importantly don't try to buy your way into salvation, because you can not. Your money is no good when it comes to your salvation.

Let your soul delight itself in abundance. Be happy where you are and with what you have, then the LORD can give you more. If you are not satisfied with what you have, you will never be satisfied with more.

The same as He gave David as a leader, He will give us a leader that will bring other nations running to us. The world of Christians will be OK, because we do not seek this world, but the one we will have with our Father in heaven. The economy can not touch His world or His people.

Seek the LORD while He is near, He is telling you to repent and come to Him now and follow Him while you have the chance, because once you are done in this world, you will not be able to seek Him if you have not already done so.

He tells us that He will send rain down from heaven to water the earth to provide our seeds, and we will be filled with His joy and peace. His word shall not return to Him void, as sure as the rain can't flow upwards, it can only fall down, so will be His word about you being prosperous.

The thorns shall not come up, the same is true with the Father, if we are obedient to His word, He will not let the devourer (the enemy) take our seed. We will have plenty. AMEN!

Read IS 55 again, and see the blessings the LORD has for you, and how you can live an abundant life, without worry, with peace and joy, and give Him all the PRAISE. AMEN!

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