Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here We Go Again

How many like me have said over and over again, that this year, I will lose weight, I will eat healthy, I will be smarter with my finances, I will seek the LORD in all things first? How many of us have fell short on some of those things?

Just the other day, I was saying how blessed I felt this year. God has really blessed Rob and I so many times this past year. I have to wonder how many of those blessings, did I take for granted. How many blessings have I already forgotten? That is why we celebrate New Years eve with re-calling our blessings from the past year, and we write down our prayers and petitions for the coming year, and then mark them off as they come to fruition.

As I was making my list, I was writing some pretty high end things down, like getting a house on the coast and having it paid for, and having my antique/tea shop business started and being very prosperous and overflowing with abundance. Then the devil tried to trip me up and make me re-think by telling me lies about the recession. I said, "Devil, you are the father of lies, and you or this world are not my provider, God is my provider and His word says I will have more than enough, and I will have my hearts desires. So, devil, you might as well leave this party, because no one is inviting you to stay." I continued to write down my petitions with joy.

You see, I could have listened to the devil, and then he would've began telling me lies about my other prayers, like prayers for my children's salvation, or prayers over mine and my husband's health. We have to kick the devil out before he gets two words out of his mouth. We have to stand strong on our faith and believe that God will provide, and not listen to what the world is saying, and not let those seeds get planted.

This morning when, I called about my start date at work, and got the same message, still waiting on more signatures, I began to get frustrated and angry, but then the Holy Spirit said, "who is your provider?" "Is it the VA, or is it GOD"? Right away, the frustration left, and I heard God say, make lemon-ade out of those lemons. Do what you want and enjoy this time off, I am blessing you with."

You see, when we get our focus back on the LORD, and off ourselves, we have joy surrounding us, instead of a pity party trying to move in. AMEN!

So when you get ready to make your new year wishes, don't just wish or make resolutions, go to the LORD in prayer with your petitions and make known to HIM your desires, and let Him bless you in 2009.

PS 20 v 4-5.....May He grant you according to your heart's desire, and fulfill all your purpose. We will rejoice in your salvation, and in the name of our GOD we will set up our banners! May the LORD fulfill all your petitions........

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