Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are Your Feathers Ruffled

How many times have you seen someone leave a church because they were offended by something or someone. Maybe the preacher didn't say hi to them once, (probably because he didn't even see them), or maybe they thought the music was not appropriate for church, (too much of that new stuff), or maybe they felt like the preacher was taking too many vacations, (worried about where their money was going). It happens all the time in churches. People get their feelings hurt over something silly and usually insignificant, and become easily offended and end up leaving the church. A lot of times these people won't even try to find another church, they just quit going all together. They think, I can worship at home and watch church on TV. That is not what TV evangelists are for. They are for the home bound who are not able to get out and physically go to church.

Mark 4 v 17....and they have no root in themselves, and so endure only for a time. Afterward; when tribulation or persecution arises for the word's sake, immediately they stumble......NKJV

You will find these scriptures in the parables of the sower. But this scripture is not just about those who fall away from sowing, it is also telling us, that we are not to be easily offended. We are not to be so shallow rooted in our church, that we let something like the examples above cause us to leave our church. When we leave the church, we are not just leaving a building, we are leaving the body of Christ, and we are causing the body to be broken, and it is all for selfish reasons. To be easily offended is to be self centered, and not focused on God and His word and His teachings through the Pastor He has given you.

When the Pastor preaches a word that offends you, it is the same as you saying God is offending you. If the Pastor is preaching from the word of God, and what he says lines up with the word of GOD, then who are you to be offended by God's message. Usually, when we get offended by the word, it is because we are guilty of not obeying the word in that particular area of our lives.

You see the devil will try to trip you up and make you think the Pastor is judging you, when in all reality if you are offended by the word, then you have judged yourself. The devil thinks if he can turn you against your Pastor and lead you away from the teachings of the word, then he can get a good foothold in the rest of your life. The devil will do whatever it takes to steal you away from God. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to stay in the will of GOD? Are you willing to give up that part of your life, that the word offends you about? Are you willing to fight the good fight, to stay in the race with GOD all the way to the finish line? Or will you be easily uprooted because of a silly offense?

As we go into a new year, take a good look at the areas in your life that cause you to be easily offended, and give them over to the LORD and not the devil. AMEN!

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