Monday, August 2, 2010

Getting Connected

Are you connected to a church? How connected are you to the Holy Spirit within you? Can you hear Him clearly when He speaks to you? Do you just get inklings, or feelings, stirrings? If so then that is probably angels speaking to you, but when the Holy Spirit speaks you will hear precise words.

In other words when angels speak, you may feel a stirring in your spirit to do something, or go somewhere, you just have that strong stirring. When the Holy Spirit speaks, you will hear definite words telling you what to do. We must learn to be obediient to the Spirit when He speaks, and we must learn to discern when angels are speaking.

How do we do this? We have to practice getting quiet and listening. We need to learn to be still, be observant in our surroundings. This is a message I heard today, and it really stirred me up about being more obedient to the Holy Spirit.

One way is by being connected in your church, or if you do not have one, find one and get connected. We all need a church home. We need our spiritual families. This can be a matter of life and death.

In Genesis we read where Issac had went to a land the Lord told him to go to, and when he got there, he was afraid to tell people that Rebekah was his wife, because he was afraid for his life. But then King Abimelech found out the truth and told his people no one was to touch him or his wife. So Issac sowed in the land, and reaped a hundredfold the same year, the Lord had blessed him. First of all God told Issac to go, so he should have known he would be safe, second, Issac was Abrahams' seed that would make many nations, so his purpose was not fulfilled, so he should not have feared. (But that is all easy for us to say we have hindsight in the matter).
Anyway, when the king saw how Issac was prospering, he could see the hand of the Lord on Issac, and he knew that he wanted to be under that covenant, under that covering, under that teaching. AMEN!

The same is true with us today. If you are going to a church where you feel like nothing is growing, where no one is prospering, where people are constantly sick and moaning and complaining, then you might want to check what your pastor is teaching, or what he is not teaching, or maybe you are disconnected. You know when the Holy Spirit is present in a church, when you see healings happening, people prospering, people happy and healthy, positive and encouraging. This is the covering you want to be connected to. But that is just it, you have to be connected. Your pastor can be bringing you a message from God each week, but you are sitting there thinking about what you are going to eat for lunch, or how beautiful the day is, and you could be golfing, then you are connected to your thoughts and you are missing out on the message God gave your pastor. Don't be too quick to blame the pastor if you are not being fed. He can only bring the word to you, he can not force you to eat. AMEN!

Oh yes, you will have gossips, and negative people everywhere, but you just steer clear of them and stay focused on the pastor and his teaching and his annointing. If you are being obedient to the word, and you are doing what the word says, and the annointing is flowing, you will have blessings pouring out on you and filling up your storehouses. You will watch your words and choose them carefully. You will be praising and thanking the LORD everyday for your healing, your abundance, your annointing from Him. You will be prosperous, happy, whole and at peace. AMEN! You will be satisfied with what the Lord gives you each day. Why? Because that is what the word says and you know the word, your pastor is getting God's message to you, your receiving that message and those blessings. AMEN!

Gen 26 v 28....But they said, "We have certainly seen that the Lord is with you. So we said, 'Let there now be an oath between us, between you and us: and let us make a covenant with you.".......

When you go to a church but you do not join, you do not participate, you do not tithe, you are not really connected. You are just a visitor. You are not under that covering. To be under the Pastor's annointing, under the covering of that church, you must be a participant, you must join, you must participate, you must tithe. You have to get connected to be under the covering. AMEN!

Then as you learn the word, you will become more connected to your spirit man, you will be more intuned when He speaks to you. You will be able to discern when the angels are stirring you up. You will be able to tell whose voice it is you are listening to. How? Because the voice will line up with the word of God. If you are hearing something that does not go along with the word, then it is not of God. AMEN! By attending church and being fed and by keeping the word in front of your eyes on a daily basis, (not just on Sundays) then you will know the Lord's voice and what His word says and you will become connected. You will start to flow in the annointing God has for you in your life. AMEN!

Remember Jesus walked on this earth with a determination to do the Fathers' will, He stayed connected to the Father and His teachings. We must do the same. We must have a determination to get connected, to stay connected, and to be obedient to the Holy Spirit when He speaks to us.


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