Sunday, August 7, 2011

What Is Wrong With Praying For Our Nation

Ok, I don't know but I am tired of people telling Christians when it is right to pray and when it is not. When it is "politically correct" to talk about JESUS and when it is not. Here is the deal Christians, It is ALWAYS correct, politically or otherwise to talk about your SAVIOR.

We need to take our stand as Christians and quit letting people tell us what their rights are. I am not talking about getting into a RELIGOUS Battle, I am simply saying, we have the same rights as all those poor pitiful me groups who think that just because we want to share the good news we are infringing on their rights somehow.

What harm can come from praying for our nation and her leaders? What harm comes from asking God to give wisdom and guidance to our leaders?

No one is telling those who don't believe that they have to do anything or believe anything.

What are you afraid of when a Christian Govenor prays for the country and for our President? I am curious what are you, who are protesting prayer afraid of?

I would think everyone would want GOD to bless our nation. We are not as Christians just praying for other Christians when we pray for our nation. We are praying for everyone's benefit.

Does it hurt your feelings when someone tells you to have a great day? Then why should it hurt your feelings or offend you when someone wants to pray for something good for you.


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