Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feeding On The Word

While my husband was listening to a teaching on a CD from an evangelist talking about living a blessed life, he told me the man said something about the reason we read the word everyday, is sort of like when God fed the people the manna each day and told them only to take what they needed for that day. You know the story in Exodus chpt 16 when they tried to take more and store it up, it would go bad, worms would be in any that was left over.

I have not listened to the teaching on this CD yet but when Rob was telling me about him comparing this to us reading the word each day, I had a revelation of what he was saying. If we only hear the word on Sundays, or just every now and then, when the time comes that we need to draw from that word, it is no longer fresh on our minds, and we stumble and try to remember what did God say about that, or we try to cry out to God and remind Him what is in His word, but we can't remember, because it is no longer fresh. We try to draw strength from our Spirit but we can not find any strength because we have not fed our Spirit man in a while, and now we are drained of any strength we may have had.

You might be thinking, but you tell us all the time to store up the word each day. Yes, store it up to be used, not to just sit and grow worms. That is why the Word tells us to be doers of the word and not hearers only. If the people just gathered the manna and held onto it but never ate any, it goes bad. But when they gathered and fed themselves and used it for the purpose in which God gave it, they were refreshed, strengthened. If you just read the Bible every day to say you have read the word of God but you never do anything with what you read, then eventually the word loses it's power in your life, because you have not taken it in for the nourishment it was meant to give. If you just fill a vessel with the word but there is no receiving or believing of the word then they are just words.

James 1 v 21-22....Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls. But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.....

Do you see what this scripture is telling us? That we have to receive the word and be a doer of the word, and then the word is able to save our souls. AMEN!

Food does your body no good if it is just looked at and not eaten. There is no nutritional value in food that is never eaten. It is just wasted food, that will eventually go bad. Same with the word. When the word is fed, if it is not taken in with faith, and used to strengthen us, then it is like food still sitting on the plate just being looked at.

Take what you need each day from the word. Strengthen yourself in your Spirit with the word. And the saying eat everything that is on your plate, is not so true. The same with trying to make children eat all you put on their plates when they are clearly not hungry will only make them sick. The same with the word. Don't try to take in more than you can receive at one time, because you will only be strengthened by what you receive. The rest will be like the manna that was not used, you will forget what you even read.

Be Healthy, Be Strong, Take your nourishment from Him today.


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