Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don't Be Too Hard

Yesterday we talked about Solomon and his wives and concubines, and how his heart was turned away from God by his wives, and how could he who God had appeared to twice already, turn his back on God. Well, don't be too judgmental on Solomon.

Remember when I said, I was giving you hindsight so that you do not make the same mistakes Solomon made. Well, we have hindsight in so many areas of how we are to live our lives, more so than just that of Solomon. And yet how many times do we not behave as we should.

For instance look at all the healings that take place in the bible, look how many times Jesus tells us that He has already died for our disease, and how many times he tells us we are free from our sins. But yet, let someone of this world tell you something different and you automatically believe them instead of the word of God, Himself. GO FIGURE!!

Or how many times does God tell us not to gossip, or curse, or be in an unorderly fashion, (drunk), yet we can't wait to tell the little bit of scoop we just got on someone to another?

Or here is a good one, how many times in the word of God does the LORD tell you to abstain from sex unless you are married to that person, but yet we think it is ok to live with someone before we are married, or to sleep with whomever because we are of a responsible age. Well, maybe that word responsible was a little too loose. Responsible and sleeping around don't work together, they are opposites.

The best one of all, is the one where we walk in love toward everyone, including our enemies. I mean God shows us what can happen to those who do not forgive, who harbor hate for their brothers, (not your relative). He says, you are a liar, if you say you love Him, but have hate in your heart toward your brother.

If things are going bad for you, look into the word and see some of this hindsight we have been given, and see what happens to those who disobey the LORD GOD, and then maybe you can figure out what you need to correct in your own life.

Hey, and how about all the blessings he pours out on those who tithe like they are suppose to, yet there are some who are still holding on to that 10% so they can pay a bill, or buy something they want instead of giving it BACK to the LORD. Remember it was His to start with.

Anyway the point being, before we go getting all judgmental on Solomon, we better clean up our own hearts and closets as well. AMEN!

I am not judging anyone here, for I have at some time in my past and present been guilty of all these things, but I know I am forgiven and I have turned from those ways. And that is the great thing about the LOVE the LORD JESUS has for you and me, is that when we turn from our old ways, and put on the new man in Christ we are forgiven, and we can move forward in that love walk toward others and everything else will fall into place. AMEN!

Today's reading for this message is too long to type it all out, but rather I would love for each of you to read for yourselves. Starting in Ephes. 4 v 17 and read through Ephes. 5 to verse 21.

Love you all and may God bless each of you with your heart's desires today.

RTB...1 Kings 13-15

Frid. 1 Kings 16-18
Sat...1 Kings 19-22
Sun...Ephes. 1-3

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