Friday, January 9, 2009

Who's Who

Through these next few chapters of Genesis, we sort of get the Who's Who list. From these chapters comes Issac, Esau, Jacob, and then all of the sons of Jacob, including Joseph, the one for whom the coat of many colors was made for.

First there is Isaac and as he grows, God sends Abraham to the mountain top to sacrifice him as a burnt offering. We know the story, Abraham is faithful and obedient to God, because he knows that God will provide the sacrifice. We even see it when he tells the men that are traveling with them to the mountain top to stay with the animals below and he and the lad will return to them. He knows that God will not take his son, because God has told him that He will make many nations from this son.

Gen.....22 v.2 Then He said, "Take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I shall tell you."....

Gen. 22 v 5...And Abraham said to his young men, "stay here with the donkey; the lad and I will go yonder and worship and we will come back to you."....

It is like with us, God tells us over and over in His word we are healed, or we are blessed, but yet we are still looking for a way out of our situations instead of trusting Him to provide the way. Oh if we could only have the faith of Abraham, but with that faith also the obedience. AMEN!

We have so much deception in these chapters first with Issac's wife Rebekah, deceiving Isaac with Esau and Jacob, her twins. She tricks Isaac into giving Jacob, Esau's blessing. We see here the favoritism shown to children by their parents. Isaac favoring Esau, and Rebekah favoring Jacob. After Jacob receives Esau's blessing, Esau is so angry he wants to kill his brother. So Rebekah sends Jacob away to stay with her people. Then Esau and Jacob both marry. Esau marries Mahalath from his father's family, and Jacob marries Leah and Rachel from his mother's family.

This is sort of where we get the saying what goes around comes around. Remember how Jacob stole Esau's birth right through trickery and deception, well when he meets Rachel he asks to marry her, and that he will work seven years for her father for her, and then at the end of the seven years, the father tricks him into marrying Leah the older daughter, so then he has to work another seven years for Rachel. There is strife now between these two sisters.

God hears Leah and sees that she is unloved so he opens her womb and she bears Jacob four sons, then she stops conceiving so she gives him her maidservant, who bears him two sons, Rachel also gives her maidservant to him and she bears him two sons, then God hears Leah's cries as she is still unloved and he reopens her womb and she bears him two more sons, and a daughter. Then God remembers Rachel and opens her womb and she gives her two sons. Joseph and Benjamin.

We all know the story of Joseph, and his brothers selling him and him becoming a slave and then later he finds favor with the Pharoah, and the Pharoah ends up giving Joseph control over all the lands and the people.

There are so many stories in the old testament and now I hope we have all become so interested that we can not put down the word of God. And I hope we will continue to read together the chapters each day, so when a verse or a subject comes up in the tid-bits, we will all remember together where we read about this in the word of God.

I pray that each one of you will keep up with your reading and that you will continue to be blessed each day with a word from God to you.AMEN!

RTB....Thur. Gen. 22-24
Fri. Gen. 25-27
Sat. Gen 28-30
Sun. Gen.31-33

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