Thursday, September 18, 2008

How Big Is Your Cup

While reading through my devotionals this morning, there was one of Andrew Womack's that got me thinking about how we can have more to give. This is nothing new, but he showed it in a different light, and it caught my attention.

2 Cor. 8 v it is written, he who gathered much had nothing over; and he who gathered little had no lack......

He was talking about how you will always have enough. But do you want just enough? I want more than enough, so that I may give unto others when there is a need. He was explaining how God's word is our cup. So the more you are into God's word and know and understand God's word the bigger your cup. He talks about how God gives you what you can handle, and will not give you more than you can handle. Remember the story about the guy who hid his talent in the ground until his master came back, and the other two guys invested theirs to make more. Well, the guy who hid his in the ground did not understand how to invest, so his master took his away, and gave unto those who were wiser with their money. It is the same with us today.
You know the story about the manna, when they were told to gather enough for themselves and their household and anything over would spoil and be rotten. Well, it is like with us today, we need to invest in the kingdom of God with our overflow so that we will not be stuck with spoiled goods.

Our cup will only hold so much, so if we give back to God, and give into His kingdom, our cup will always be full. You can not out give God, so the more you give, the more your cup is being replenished. Have you ever thought about how people who win the lottery almost always end up broke, and broken. Because they did not have the understanding and wisdom over what they were given. They could not handle what they had, they were not ready for such growth and so their manna spoiled.

Andrew said it like this, "God tells us if we will build a bigger cup, the prosperity will come. It is not up to us to find more prosperity. That's God's job. Our responsibility is to enlarge our capacity to handle His blessings. Once this is accomplished the additional prosperity will come."
You see sometimes instead of praying for more in our finances, we first need to pray for God's wisdom over our finances.

I think that the more we empty of our cup into others needs and lives, the more God gives us. In other words the more we give, the more He continues to pour into our cups. Remember your cup is your understanding of the word of God. I have found over and over again, the more I bless someone in their work with the Lord, the more God pours into my cup. Your desire should be to always have more than enough so when the need arises you are able to meet that need. AMEN!

Lets each get into the word of God today and build bigger cups. AMEN!

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