Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Can You Run With The Horses

Labor Day has come and gone, and I really missed my writing this weekend. Now I have so many things running through my head, I am too excited, that I am afraid I will leave out something important. There are several subjects that the LORD has shared with me this past few days, some in my devotionals, some just by living life. The one I chose and asked the LORD to bless today is one I think we can all relate to.

Jer. 12 v 5......"If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in safe country, how will you manage in the thickets by the Jordan?"......

How many of you remember ever reading this scripture? It is not one that you come across too often, but I found it fascinating that it was just what I needed today. Have you ever felt like quitting your job, or just giving up on something you have been working on, and it seems like it just won't come together. Or better yet, have you ever felt like giving up on somebody? Have you ever felt like I have told them time and again, and they still will not get it, or I can't get them to understand, and you think what's the use? Well, don't give up. The Lord says as long as there is an earth there will be seed time and harvest, so if you are planting the right seeds, you will have a harvest. AMEN!

But look at this scripture. Have you had a battle you felt like you just were not going to win, that it was hopeless. God's word says that if we did not have battles to withstand, and we only lived in the safe country all the time, in other words, if we just always took the easy way out instead of hanging in there and planting those seeds and not giving up, then we would not make it through other battles that come along that may be bigger and more difficult to handle.

An example in my own life, some of you may know about, but you may not know the whole story, as I have had to wait until I was ready to share. The enemy tried to put breast cancer on me this past year, he even went so far as to let me see myself going through chemo treatments, losing all of my hair, and then dying. He showed me my family living without me. He showed me every way he could that I was not going to make it, and that I had no chance. BUT!!!!! My friend Linda, told me when I called her, (and I didn't share with her what he had shown me) but she heard the fear in my voice and she told me that I was a child of GOD, and He did not give me that spirit of fear. And that the word says that the enemy shall not prosper against me. She showed me where the word does not say it will not form, but the word says it will not prosper. She reminded me of what I had in the LORD. I immediately got into the word and stayed in the word and built my faith to the level that the enemy could not cause me to stumble and become snared into the thickets the enemy had waiting for me. My battle with the enemy did not end there, this battle drug out from Dec. to the first of June before confirmation was given that the enemy had fought a losing battle, not me for I have the Victory through JESUS! AMEN!\

You see where people make the mistake is by giving the enemy the upper hand, by speaking what the world tells you is wrong with you instead of what the LORD says you have in HIM. He says you have Victory because He has already defeated the devil in that area. But just like in any battle, you have to go into battle prepared and with the right armor. One of the most important pieces of armor in my battle was the shield of faith, I had to hold up the shield every time someone tried to speak that disease over me, I had to immediately rebuke it, and quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. (Ephes. 6 v 10-20) I didn't share what I was going through because I could not afford to let the enemy reach me through well meaning loved ones who only knew how to have compassion for me instead of knowing how to stand against the enemy with me. Compassion is good, but sometimes misplaced. Sometimes compassion can hinder instead of help. When you are in battle against the enemy, the last thing you need is compassion. AMEN!

So whatever your battle, or whoever you are trying to reach, don't give up, continue to plant your seeds and seed time and harvest will come. You will have Victory in the LORD JESUS if you will finish your race. AMEN!

I am sharing this today with someone out there who needs help with a battle. Once your battle is won, don't go try to stir up the fire again by talking about it, leave the embers alone to die out, so that you do not have to keep going through the same battle over and over again. This is where some of mess up, we do not know how to bury the enemy and we keep on until we let the enemy bury us. Sharing in a testimony with others so that someone may be helped is one thing, but to just keep speaking your battles over yourself over and over again to everyone who will listen is just breathing life into those embers of that fire, until the fire is full blown again and the enemy ends up with the victory instead of you.

Once you are finished don't go back and try to re-run the same race, you are only racing against yourself, so you have no one to defeat but yourself. AMEN!


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