Sunday, July 10, 2011

Recognize A Blessing When It Comes

Can you recognize your blessings? How many times do we stop our blessings from coming to us because of pride or just plain old stubborness? When someone pays you a compliment do you readily accept that compliment and thank them, or do you say, " nah, really its nothing, I'm not all that...." Well let me just say now, STOP and take your compliment, you obviously deserve it or they would not be telling you so.

Here is a scenario that happened recently to someone I know.

There was a man who had invested in some product. His product increased in value substantially and he made a good profit. Well, it seem like afterwards all these things kept coming across his path that he wanted. A new boat, a new tractor, a new 4-wheeler, etc. etc. you get the picture. Everytime, he would get ready to make the purchase with his profit he had made, the Holy Spirit would speak to him and say wait. So each time he would wait. Finally the Lord told him that this money was going to be used for a need and not a want. Well, now that right there could make some nervous and cause them to start worrying about what is going to happen that they would be going to need to use their money. But not this man of God. He just kept listening to the Holy Spirit and trusting in the Lord to lead him to what he was suppose to spend this money on.

Then he and his wife took a trip to visit a relative. While visiting these relatives, they both noticed certain needs that these people had in their lives. After a few days, the man heard from the Holy Spirit what he was suppose to do with the money. He gave it some thought and recoginized that this was indeed God speaking to him. So he was going to approach his wife about the matter, but before he could, she told him that God had told her what they were suppose to buy for this couple. Well, he was so excited because it was confirmation on what the Holy Spirit had told him as well.

So they prayed about it, not because they needed any more confirmation, but because they knew how hard headed this person could be and they were afraid that they would not let them make this purchase for them. So they prayed about how to approach the subject. Well, to their surprise this person had changed their way of thinking because their pastor had taught them how to recognize their blessings when someone wants to bless them and the law of how the blessing works. When you turn down a blessing from someone you not only stop your blessing but theirs as well, and all the blessings that will come after.?

So needless to say, they were blessed. Both parties were so thankful and felt so blessed. As they said their goodbyes at the end of the visit, they once again thanked each other for blessing and for receiving the blessing.

How many know that now the enemy is just waiting for a chance to steal that blessing? Well he tried.

When the couple returned home and the young man returned to his business, someone had broke in and stolen practically everything he had. They had ramsacked his office, took his computers with all his vital information, took his tools of his trade, just cleaned him out. He called the police to make a report.

In the meantime the relative had called to make sure they had made it home, and to thank him once again for the blessing. After he shared with them what had happened. Immediately the enemy tried to make them feel guilty, that he should have saved his money for this emergency. Just as they were about to hang up the phone and call and cancel the delivery of the purchase so that the account could be credited back. The Holy Spirit spoke up and said wait.

This is an attack of the enemy, don't let him steal your blessing and cheat your relative out of his blessing as well. So they asked him did he recognize this as an attack from the enemy? He said yes, and it is not going to work. I have already went on my trip, had a great time, and he can't not take that away from me. He can not steal my joy.

Do you see why it is so important to recoginze your blessing? The law of the blessing is this. Someone blesses you out of their abundance, now you have an abundance that you are able to bless someone, else, now they have extra, that they are able to bless another and it just keeps going and going.

So when you stop the blessing by refusing to accept it, you are stopping the flow of the blessing for all others that would come after.

The WORD tells us to not grow weary of doing good. The enemy will try to attack and throw obstacles in the path along the way, but don't give in to him, don't grow weary, keep blessing others and doing good, and your blessings will abound. AMEN!

GAL. 6 v 9-10...And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith......

How do we recognize our blessings?


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