Wednesday, October 27, 2010

God Gives Us More Than Enough

Every morning I watch as a lady jogs past my house. I am always thinking, I should go out and introduce myself. But then I think, I do not want to interrupt her pace. So then I noticed sometimes she is walking back past the house, but it seems I was always busy doing something that I did not want to stop and take the time.

Then one morning, while letting the dogs out she was just walking past, so I hollered, hey lady, I have been watching you get skinnier and skinnier as you walk every day. She was so happy I came out and said she had been hoping I would come out so she could meet me, and she loved my place and wanted to meet my chickens as well. As I took her back to meet the chickens, we talked and talked and found we had alot in common, especially in the gardening area. What a great new friend. I was so excited to finally have met a neighbor and a new friend as well.

Then she asked me to come to her neighborhood to walk one morning because there was a lady there that she liked to walk with as well, but the lady walks in the neighborhood. So I put it on my calendar to get up early and meet them to walk. Now this lady reminded me of my mother and my aunt from home, as she was also a huge gardening fan. She had everything under the sun in her yard. She showed me so many different plants and gave me so many stories to go along with them, as she shared a car load of pass alongs with me. I was so grateful and excited to have all these new plants but not as excited as to now have two new friends.

Then when we went walking over to the park, I asked my new friend, let me stop in this store and see if they will allow me to put a sign up for selling my eggs across the street. While talking to this girl, we find out she also is a neighbor to my new friend in her neighborhood. So the next day, she comes to buy eggs and brings me an angel trumpet tree. Turns out she loves gardening as well.

HALLELUJAH, when God gives you something, He doesn't just give you a little bit, He gives you more than enough, even when it comes to new friends. AMEN!

John 10 v 10.....The thief does not come except to steal, kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly....

Don't just sit in the house and let the thief steal your new friends, and destroy your happiness. Get outside work in the yard, and you never know who God will send jogging down your path. AMEN!

Somebody out there has been sitting in the house keeping to themselves and missing out on all the joy the Lord wants to share with them. Get up, and Get out, and Get digging in the dirt. Somebody will notice. AMEN!

But don't neglect to dig in His Word as well.


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