Monday, May 17, 2010

A Hunger For God

While reading a great book today, a point was brought out that I had never really paid much attention to before. But then I realized, I've done this myself.

The scripture used was from Proverbs 27.

Prov 27 v 7...A satisfied soul loathes the honeycomb, but to a hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet......

How many times have you eaten until you are so full, that when something wonderful is offered to you, you turn away and say that does not even look good? When it really looks great, but you are just too full to look at it much less enjoy it.

That is what happens when we are so wrapped up into the things of this world, that we do not even have time to spend with the LORD. For instance say, you are leaving on a trip, a vacation that you have been waiting so long for. You are so excited, you get off on your trip, then you get there, and you are having so much fun, seeing so many sights, enjoying so many things. Then it is all over after a few days, maybe even a week, and you get home, and then it dawns on you. Did I even open the word of God while I was gone, did I seek Him out at all while I was vacationing? How many times did I pray for anyone or anything besides just praying out of habit over my food?

How many times have you done this? You see, you were so satisfied with what the world was giving you, you did not desire anything else. You were so satisfied with your life at that moment, that you didn't even feel the need to communicate, or fellowship with the LORD.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying there is anything wrong with vacationing. But when you think about it, this is the time you should be seeking and praying to Him all the more. Praying He keeps you and your family safe as you travel, praying that He share with you what it is He wants you to see during your travels. Thanking Him for allowing you this opportunity. After all, who gave you the funds to be able to take that vacation, who made it possible for you to have the time off to go and relax and have fun with your family? He does not say to stay in the word 24/7, but He does not want to go without fellowshiping with you each day either.

It would be like, your earthly father working so hard everyday of his life, working extra jobs, just so that you could go on vacation, and then everyone gets in the car to go, never realizing you left without your dad, the one who made it possible. You were so hungry to get to where you were going, that you didn't even miss that one person who made it all possible for you. AMEN!

This really hit home with me, and I pray that I never get so satisfied, that I do not feel the need to seek the Lord each day of my life. AMEN!


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