Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Does anyone know what the number signifies? If you read the same devotional I do, then you probably knew right off where I was going with this. How many times in a day do you think you could actually sin against someone? Ok, now you are catching on. HA!

You know if you actually thought about it, I mean about every word you say to someone, every thought you have had today about this person or that person, how about looking at someone and thinking I wonder what she was thinking when she got dressed this morning, or is he trying to grow a beard or what? Or that hair style just does not become her, or she must really think she is something. You get the picture. Those are times during the day that you sin. Now I know you might think, oh that is not a sin, that is just an observation. Wrong! It is sin. Because if you are honest with yourself, you know you did not think it as just an observation, you thought it in a way of criticism. Now what about when you say, that is interesting when you are really thinking, yeh right! SIN! You see we sin all day long, and then when we go to God to repent for our sins for that day, we think wow, I was really good today, I did not bite off anybody's head, or say any curse words, or cheat on my test, etc. etc. Well, that is how we miss the boat. You see when we can not recognize that we are sinning, we are being deceived by the devil and before long, we will harden our hearts and we will not be able to hear from God. Because we are so stuck on our own thoughts and what we think about these sins, like for instance thinking they are of no consequence, then before long, even the bigger things we do will seem of no consequence until finally we are sin consumed.

We have to become responsible for our own sins. We have to humble ourselves and realize that we are not always right and the other person wrong. We have to recognize that everything is not all about us. We need to see that when we get easily offended we are in sin. Because the word says to walk in love is to not be easily offended. When we are easily offended we have fallen into the trap of being self centered and self righteous instead of being Christ centered and the righteousness of Christ. Now I know some who might not agree with this, because it steps on their toes too much, but hey, I promise it does not step on your toes any worse than it steps on mine. Sometimes, I have to quit writing these tid-bits long enough to go soak my feet and bandage them up because my whole foot gets smashed and not just my toes.

You see when I write these things it is usually because God is reprimanding me on my actions. I do not see when I first start writing this, that this is a word for me, no I think, Oh, I have this great tid-bit, this will do so and so some good today, and before I am finished, I am soaking my own feet. I am the so and so God intended this word for. God is so good about bringing me back to His word, and out of my own selfish world. AMEN! Am I talking to anybody out there today or is it just me that needed this word. Hallelujah, I am just thankful that God can yank me right when I am in wrong

Matthew 18 v 21-22...Then Peter came to Him and said, "Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven times?" Jesus said to him, "I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.".........

So now, If I have offended anyone out there today, or this week, please forgive me as I forgive any who have offended me. Help me walk in the love of the Lord toward you by forgiving me my sins against you. I love you all. Pray for the healing in my feet.

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